Think about adopting a Pit Bull?

If your family is thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting from Pit Sisters. We have several dogs that are in need of loving homes.

Please take a look at the profile of each pet listed on our site, to see if they fit your family’s life style. If there is a dog you are interested in, fill out an Adoption Application. You can also use the contact us link for any questions prior to completing the application.

Once your application is complete one of the Sisters will reach out to review your application and schedule a time for you, your family, and possibly your other four-legged family members to meet your potential adoptee.
The Sisters will also complete any necessary landlord and/or veterinary reference checks.

Will a Pit Bull fit my family?

You will find that Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes are dogs that are eager to please their owners and make excellent family companions.

These dogs are very smart and do well in performance events such as Agility or Disc Competitions because of their high level of intelligence and willingness to work.

Download Pit Bull Fact or Fiction ACPS Handout

In addition, it is important as a responsible pet owner that your dog is continually socialized and trained.


Ready to Adopt?

Look through our list of available pets in the Adopt section of our site, to find your potential new family member and then fill out an adoption application.

How Do I Adopt?