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Prison animal programs are benefitting both inmates and hard-to-adopt dogs in Florida, experts say

Hard-to-adopt dogs are starting to symbolize a ray of hope for inmates in Florida who qualify to enter a program that rehabilitates both them for their release back into society, and the dogs as they search for their forever homes.

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Rescued Pit Bull Escapes Life of Dog-fighting To Become K-9 Officer

He was born in a Canadian shelter, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or OSPCA, where his pregnant mother had arrived following her rescue from a local dog-fighting ring. Despite surviving this harrowing ordeal, the older pit bull found her troubles were far from over. Because the breed is banned in Ontario, squelching any hopes of adoption, Dallas’ mother and 20 fellow pit bull rescues simply found themselves on OSPCA’s kill-list.